Holiday information on in Spain from Málaga to Marbella for Luxury holiday home rentals

Information for your stay in in Spain from Málaga to Marbella for Luxury holiday home rentals

In these terms and conditions
Costa Andalucía Holidays” shall mean the rental agent Costa Andalucía Homes S.L.
“the accommodation” shall mean the holiday house, apartment, penthouse, villa, etc.
“the owner” shall mean the owner of the accommodation.
“the guest(s)" shall mean the person(s) named in the booking form or staying in the accommodation.

After you have received the booking confirmation, the first payment has to be transferred within 24 hours to the bank account of Costa Andalucía Holidays. The accommodation will be reserved for you during these 24 hours. The booking will be definitively blocked for you after receiving the first payment.

A deposit of 20% is required and has to be paid within 24 hours after receipt of the booking confirmation.
The booking is definitively confirmed once the deposit is received.
The remaining balance is due 6 weeks prior to departure to the accommodation.

Along with the booking confirmation, you will receive a guest list. In this guest list must be completed the name (s) and age (s) and passport (s) of the guest (s) staying in the accommodation. The guest list must be returned fully completed by e-mail to

Occupancy of the accommodation is limited to the number of persons, as indicated in the accommodation description. The guest(s) agrees not to sublet or share the accommodation except with persons nominated on the booking form, any over occupancy must be agreed with Costa Andalucía Holidays prior to arrival. Costa Andalucía Holidays reserves the right to use all legal means to expel / force out those guest staying in the accommodation unannounced and without the knowledge of Costa Andalucia Holidays

The holiday rental is based on self-catering. No meals are provided or included in the price, however, your accommodation comes with a fully equipped kitchen so you can prepare your own meals. Usually, there are some basic products such as tea, coffee, sugar, and a bottle of fresh drinking water. If desired, a standard grocery package can be delivered prior to arrival for a fee of € 50.00. The delivery of a grocery package can be requested up to 2 weeks before arrival via e-mail to 

Acceptance of terms and conditions
The main guest named in the booking confirmation is responsible for ensuring that all persons occupying the accommodation comply with these terms and conditions, is authorized to agree to these terms and conditions and is acting on behalf of all persons including those substituted or who join the party at a later date. The accommodation is strictly for holiday use only and all guests will vacate the accommodation at the conclusion of the period of the holiday. By making the payment you confirm that these conditions are accepted, and you also confirm the accuracy of the details and information given on the booking confirmation.

Guest(s) responsibility
The guest(s) has (have) to treat the rental accommodation with the utmost care and respect. The guest(s) agrees to pay for any breakages, losses, or damage to the accommodation and to take good care of the accommodation, and leave all equipment and utensils in a clean and tidy condition at the end of the holiday. The guest(s) is (are) required to report and replace any incurred damages by his / her / their fault or that of his / her / their company and guest(s). It is not allowed to charge electric vehicles at the property. 

Cleaning service, bed linen & bath linen
The accommodation will be cleaned according to the applicable Covid-19 rules, and provided with clean bed linen and bath towels before the arrival of the new guest(s). Per guest 1 set of bed linen and 4 towels will be provided. There is a washing machine in the accommodation which can be used for unlimited washing of bed and bath linen and your clothes. Please note that the bath towels and bed linen provided are exclusively for use in the accommodation. Therefore, these may not be taken from the accommodation for use elsewhere. Cleaning service during the duration of your stay is not included. Upon departure, guest(s) will leave the accommodation in a broom clean and tidy condition, garbage must be deposited in the appropriate containers outside the accommodation and all used items will be returned to their original place. Although a final cleaning is part of the rental by Costa Andalucía Holidays, it reserves the right to charge additional fees if the guest(s) leave the accommodation in an unacceptable condition.

Maid service
Extra cleaning during your stay is not possible.

Passport details and check-in to the police
Every person over the age of 16 who rents holiday accommodation in Spain, or stays overnight in a hotel, is reported to the police with his / her passport data. This is a legal requirement for landlords of holiday accommodation and hotels.

Secure passport scan app
Costa Andalucía Holidays has a secure passport scan app that is directly linked to the relevant police stations. Your passport data will be scanned with this app, after which you enter your signature digitally.  Your passport data will be sent encrypted and stored on secure servers. All this is carried out in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of 25 May 2018. Also see: GDPR

Guided check-in and handing over of the keys at the holiday accommodation is possible from Monday to Saturday between 16.00 p.m. and 18.00 p.m. local time. Early or later check-in is only possible after prior consultation and with written confirmation from Costa Andalucía Holidays. (See information below).
Guided check-in is not possible on Sundays, Christmas and Boxing day, 28 December, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, 12 + 13 January 2024 and during the Easter holidays. On these days the keys can be collected from a key safe. See the info below.

Key collection from the key-safe
Check-in outside office hours must be reported at least 1 week before arrival by e-mail to
For arrivals outside office hours, the keys can be picked up from one of the key-safes of Costa Andalucía Holidays at the Carretera de Mijas just outside Fuengirola.
You will receive the key-safe code before arrival, with the address and route to the key-safe location and the accommodation and all necessary check-in and departure instructions.

Additional charges late check-in
Arrivals outside office hours can lead to extra costs if, for whatever reason, the keys cannot be collected from one of the key safes.
The costs for a guided late check-in from Monday to Saturday are 50 Euros. Please note: checking in outside office hours is only possible, after consultation and with our written consent.
On Sundays, Christmas and Boxing day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, and during Easter, we do not offer guided check-ins. 

Before 10.00 a.m. Later checkout is only possible after prior consultation and with written confirmation from Costa Andalucía Holidays. The keys must be returned to key safe number 10 at the Carretera de Mijas just outside Fuengirola. The full address will be sent to you after making your booking.

Arrival check of the accommodation
After check-in, the guest(s) will have a 24 hours deadline to point out to Costa Andalucía Holidays the noted defects or damages. At the end of this period of 24 hours the rented goods will be regarded as free from damage at the entry of the guest(s).

Departure check and compensation for damages
An employee of Costa Andalucía Holidays will check the accommodation and the inventory after your departure. Garbage must be removed from the accommodation upon departure and deposited in the appropriate trash containers outside the accommodation. Upon departure, the accommodation and its contents must be in the same condition as it was found upon arrival. The guest(s) agrees to take good care of the accommodation and leave all equipment and utensils in a clean and tidy condition at the end of the holiday. The guest(s) agrees to pay for any breakages, losses, or damage to the accommodation and inventory caused by the guest(s).

Two sets of keys and (if applicable) one remote control for gates and/or garage door, will be handed to the guests for use during their stay. The keys and remote control to the accommodation will be the guest's responsibility during the stay, and any costs incurred through loss, damage, or loss of access to the accommodation as a result of losing keys and/or remote control will be charged to the guest(s) in full. If keys and remote controls are not being returned to their original collection point the cost will be charged to the guests in full. 

Locking yourself out of the property
As such if the guest(s) locks himself / themselves out of the accommodation during office hours, a fee starting from 30 Euro will be requested to go to the accommodation and let the guest(s) back in. If the guest(s) locks himself / themselves out of the accommodation outside office hours, our in case you leave the key inside the door, guest(s) have to call a locksmith to open the door. In the event a locksmith has to come to the accommodation, the costs are charged directly by the locksmith to the guest.

We can recommend a reliable English locksmith named Simon from A1-Locksmiths. Website: Phone: 0034 657 466 803

Cancellation fees
  • For cancellations up to 60 days before arrival, the cancellation fee is 20% of the travel sum.
  • For cancellations between 59 days and 31 days before arrival, the cancellation fee is 50% of the travel sum.
  • For cancellations from 30 days before arrival, the full travel sum will be charged.

Cancellation must be communicated to Costa Andalucía Holidays in writing or by e-mail by the person who has made the booking.

We strongly recommend you to take out a comprehensive full travel- and cancellation insurance to be fully covered for damage or loss of personal belongings, liability, cancellation, etc. These costs are not covered by Costa Andalucía Holidays and / or the owner of the accommodation.

Rules for swimming pool(s) and / or other facilities 
For safety reasons, it is not permitted to use, or to carry, glasses, glass bottles, or other fragile glassware or crockery in and around the swimming pool. The guest(s) agrees to respect the roles that are displayed on a sign in the pool area. The use by guest(s) of the facilities belonging to the accommodation such as a pool, gym, etc. is entirely at the user's risk. Costa Andalucía Holidays and the owner of the accommodation do not accept any liability for injury, howsoever caused, as a result of using the communal or private swimming pool/s, gym, etc.

Children at the pool(s
For safety reasons, it is prohibited to let children make use of the communal swimming pool(s) or private pool(s) without the supervision of an adult.

The internet connection on the Costa del Sol is not always as fast and stable as in your home country. Nowadays many accommodations do have a fixed internet connection via fiber or ADSL, but if a good Wi-Fi internet connection is crucial for you during your holiday (for example for your work) please contact us in advance before booking your accommodation.

Owners private areas
Any area of the accommodation that is locked and no key has been supplied, is private and not for guest(s) use. The same goes for the postbox, this is not for tenants' use. And there is no key for it.

Repairs – maintenance
The guest(s) agrees to allow employees from Costa Andalucía Holiday to enter the accommodation (having given notice where possible) to arrange any necessary repairs our maintenance at the accommodation, garden, or swimming pool. Although Costa Andalucía holidays and/or the owner will use their best endeavors to fix any broken domestic appliances or other equipment/contents as soon as possible, the guest acknowledges that due to the limited period of renting the accommodation, it may not be possible to repair such items during the period of stay.

Construction activities
The accommodations that are rented out are private properties owned by individual owners. The accommodations are not located in holiday parks, but they are private houses or private apartments in apartment complexes that are situated in residential areas or in a more or less rural environment. Therefore, it may happen that unexpected construction work takes place in the vicinity of your rented accommodation. These activities may be carried out by other home owners, constructors and/or government institutions, with whom we have no relationship and on whom we cannot exert any influence. The accommodation provider, booking agent and the landlord are therefore excluded from any liability for nuisance caused by construction work not ordered by the accommodation provider itself.

Pets are not allowed at most accommodations. In some accommodation, the owner will accept pets. If pets, in exceptional cases, were agreed in advance by the owner (for example in the case of registered guide dogs) they are charged at € 35.00 per pet per booking. The payment should be made to us at the time of booking.

Pets are only accepted under the strict understanding that;  

  • pets are never left alone in the accommodation 
  • pet(s) are kept well under control at all times and do not cause any inconvenience. 
  • you bring bedding and food bowls for your pets 
  • pets are not permitted on the beds or on furniture 
  • pet (s) are up-to-date with all necessary vaccinations and treatments for fleas and worms, etc. 
  • dogs in Spain must be leased at all times outside the accommodation aggressive dogs must wear a muzzle 
  • dogs are not allowed on most of the Spanish beaches. 
  • you respect the rules of the complex or holiday resort with respect to pets and clean up all the feces of your pet(s).
you accept total responsibility for your pets and its actions (e.g. cleaning up mess etc.).Failure to comply with any of these points may result in additional costs being charged to the guest(s) or removing the pet / pets from the accommodation and accommodating the pet(s) in a pet board / pet hotel at the expense of the guest.

Cancellation and alternative accommodation
If for whatever reason, Costa Andalucia Holidays has to cancel a booking of a specified accommodation at any time after confirming a booking or should the accommodation, for whatever reason, be unavailable on the day that the holiday starts, then Costa Andalucia Holidays will offer the guest(s) the choice of;
  • Another alternative accommodation (subject to availability)
  • A full refund of the amount paid by the guest(s) to Costa Andalucia Holidays
In such circumstances, the guest(s) shall have no further claim against the owner or Costa Andalucia Holidays.

Should Costa Andalucia Holidays have to cancel your booking during your stay in the accommodation because the accommodation is no longer available due to any unforeseen circumstances, Costa Andalucía Holidays offers the guest(s) the following options;
  • Another alternative accommodation for the remainder of the original letting period (subject to availability)
  • A refund of part of the amount paid by the guest(s) to Costa Andalucia Holidays in relation to the relevant accommodation (which shall be calculated on a pro-rata basis proportionate to the number of days in respect of which the holiday letting is terminated).
In such circumstances, the guest(s) shall have no further claim against the owner or Costa Andalucia Holidays.

The guest(s) should note that the option of alternative accommodation (if one is available) may be subject to an additional payment by the guest(s) (where the alternative accommodation is let at a higher price than the original accommodation); moreover, the guest(s) must accept that any alternative accommodation will be different from the original accommodation and may not have the same facilities (or location) as the original.
Limitation of liability
Costa Andalucía Holidays, his employees and/or the owner of the accommodation shall not be held responsible for:

  • a) Any loss of enjoyment or extra expense incurred due to any delays or changes to any flights, travel arrangements or any other service that is beyond their control.
  • b) Any loss, damage or inconvenience resulting from adverse weather conditions, strikes, riots, inability or limited use of swimming pool due to drought measures or maintenance, or other matters beyond the control of Costa Andalucía Holidays or the owner. 
  • c) Any temporary breakdown or interruption of heating, air conditioning, internet connection, electricity, water, gas or other public utilities, as well as government restrictions related to drought measures.
  • d) Any loss due to cancellation by the guest other than specified in the cancellation fees.
  • e) Any damages or compensation, other than the refund of payments already made, in case the accommodation is not available on the booked dates as described in; alternative accommodation.
  • f) No responsibility can be taken for any loss or damage to any motorized vehicle and / or its content, which is stored onsite of the accommodation.

Costa Andalucía Holidays does not accept responsibility for any act, neglect or default on the part of the owner or any other person not within Costa Andalucía Holiday’s employ or otherwise under the control of Costa Andalucía Holidays, nor for any accident, damage, loss, injury, expenses or inconvenience whether to person or property which the guest(s) may suffer or incur arising out of or in any way connected with the rental unless the Agent is directly responsible.

Costa Andalucía Holidays has used his best endeavors to ensure accuracy of all supplied information and details of the accommodation, on the website or in any other written or verbal communication, but no warranty is given as to their accuracy and Costa Andalucía Holidays does not accept any claims resulting from information given or statements made whether orally or in writing.

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