How can I find, and book an accommodation?

Quickly find your vacation home or apartment

Without entering dates

Want to search without entering date or destination? Then click directly on search on the home page. You will see all accommodations on the Costa del Sol and on the Costa Blanca. If you only want to see accommodations on the Costa del Sol, click at "Select your destination here" on Andalusia Spain. (You can refine your search as desired) If you click on an accommodation you will see on the calendar which periods are available. If you enter the dates on the calendar you will see the total price for that period. You can then book directly, take an option or request more information.

With destination and dates 

You want to search by a destination or date?

Then first click on "Select your destination here" fill in the dates and optionally the number of persons.

You will then only see all the available accommodations for the selected periods with the total rental price.

You can now book directly, take an option or
ask for more information.

Detailed accommodation search

On the home page, under "Select your destination here" select your desired destination, then the arrival and departure date and optionally the number of persons and click on search. You will immediately find all available accommodations at that destination. For example, you can select Andalusia Spain as your destination. Then you will find all accommodations on the Costa del Sol in Andalusia. Since 2022 we also rent accommodations on the east coast of Spain on the Costa Blanca. The destinations on the Costa Blanca can be found more at the bottom under "Select your destination here"

You can also search by double clicking on the top of the page "Accommodations", you will then see all accommodations on the Costa del Sol and on the Costa Blanca.

Or you select one of the destinations and you will see all accommodations in that selected area.

Search on the map can be done by clicking "Map view" at the top of the page.

Here you can see the accommodations on the Costa del Sol in Andalusia and on the east coast on the Costa Blanca. Then click on one of the on the orange circles and green arrows to view a specific accommodation. 

How do I book or take an option?
Many of our vacation accommodations you can 24/7 book and pay online on our website. If you enter the arrival and departure dates in the calendar at the accommodation you will immediately see the full rental amount. Then click on the "Book Now" button. You will then see the various payment options and also when you have to pay what amount. Here you can also choose to take an option, or request more information.

If you do not want to book online you can contact us via the contact form. We will answer your request as soon as possible. You can also make a booking by phone during office hours.

If the accommodation is only available on request, the calendar will be will be colored orange. In that case you can request more information by clicking on the "Contact" button and filling out the contact form.

Check-in and pick up keys
In connection with the Covid-19 rules, contactless check-in has become a standard procedure for check-in and key transfer since 2020. This contactless check-in works to the satisfaction of most guests. You will be sent a link from Check-in Scan by us well before arrival. Through that link you can open an application on your laptop, tablet, iPad or cell phone so you can check in passports in advance at home carefree. You can then pick up the keys from one of the key safes at the Centro Nórdico on the Carretera de Mijas just outside Fuengirola. Well before your arrival in Spain, we will send you by email the address and directions to the key safe at Centro Nórdico including all the necessary information about the accommodation. If you prefer to be checked in personally, this is possible during normal office hours by prior arrangement with us. We will then meet you at the accommodation to hand over the keys, and provide all necessary information. 

Questions during the stay
We assume that your vacation will go smoothly, but should you have any questions during your stay we will answer them as soon as possible. Also, if any unexpected problems arise, you can always contact us. We will then try to solve the problems as quickly as possible.

Returning keys
On departure you can return the keys to key safe number 10 of the key safe. You will receive the address and all necessary information by email well before arrival. After departure, the accommodation and contents will be checked.


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